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Pilates: What & Why?

Pilates was devised by Joseph Pilates and since then has been shaped for our times.

Pilates is for all: whoever you are, whatever your age, however you feel.

Pilates is a form of exercises developed by Joseph Pilates, originally used to rehabilitate soldiers, later used to train dancers, and eventually spread to the general public due to the effectiveness of the method. It is exercise that focuses on developing a balanced body through awareness, flexibility and strength. It is focused on core training with the understanding that all parts of the body influence the core. It can be effective in treating back pain, recovering from injury and reducing stress and anxiety.

A mind/body exercise, it's good for bone health and modifiable for osteoporosis as it focuses on precise movements in an effort to maximise efficiency and avoid unnecessary fatigue. All classes are modifiable for all abilities and needs.

It is one of the most popular and steadily growing exercises methods in the UK, and the World.

Why Pilates?


Be the very best you can:

  •  Improve your posture
  •  Body awareness
  •  Confidently take part in your day to day  activities, sports and hobbies  


Realise your potential:

  • Energise
  • Relax  
  • Calm

Centred, Control, Balance and Strength

Maximise your control and strength:

  • Know when and how to engage your core
  • Challenge yourself
  • Take part in new activities, sports and hobbies with confidence 

Concentration & Flow, Co-ordination & Flexibility  

Allow yourself time:

  • Focus on you and how you move well
  • Be effective, efficient and pain free


Invest in yourself:

  • Fun
  • Enjoyment
  • Achievement
  • Happiness
  • Relaxation
  • Self-esteem

Pilates for All

Be the best you can be -

Give Pilates a go:

  • Any age
  • Any time
  • However you feel
  • Whoever you are
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